Wednesday, September 30, 2015

so old I'm back in style again

I woke up yesterday and gave myself a lecture about not procrastinating.  It seemed to work, especially since the pool was green, and getting chlorine was top on my To Do List.  I showered and dressed in my best (READ: worst) cutoffs because I've ruined clothes before when buying chlorine.  Inevitably the container leaks or splashes back.

I had to stop at the drug store first and didn't think anything of it.  [I consulted with some of my more chemistry-knowledgeable friends and found out that the chlorine should be my last stop as the fumes in this heat might damage components on my car.]  I realized as I was parking my car that I didn't even have a drop of makeup on.  Oh well, at least my hair was freshly washed and smelled good.

There was a little old woman ahead of me in line with a really LOUD voice speaking to the cashier.  She apologized to me when she noticed me waiting in line behind her while she was just shooting the breeze.  I smiled and said it was fine.  She seemed nice and was so tiny (maybe 4'10") that I couldn't be aggravated, even though I was in a hurry.  She finally walked away and then came back specifically to LOUDLY comment on my cutoffs, which I forgot I was wearing.  She says back in her day, your mother would tell you not to go out of the house like that.

Which gave me flashbacks of my mom completely destroying one of my favorite t-shirts as I was about to go outside to play because it had a tiny pinhole in it.  God forbid one of the neighbors see 9 year old Wendy in her t-shirt looking poor.  Even though we were poor.  My mom was kind of an asshole at times.

I just smiled at the woman and defensively said I was running errands and was expecting to get dirty.  I was secretly hoping that she wasn't stronger than she looked and about to shred my shorts.  She said don't mind her, she knows they sell them at Macy's for top dollar nowadays.  I told her I had earned my holes in my cutoffs, and they were at least 20 years old.  Plus my friend, Mike, had given me these (when he ruined one leg of his jeans) so I could use them for shorts.  (Yes, he was very thin.)  So they're kind of sentimental, too.  Thanks, Mike, wherever you are.

Now rich people pay good money at Macy's to look poor.  I've always been ahead of the fashion trend.  Or never cared much about the fashion trends, thereby looking très chic.  Either way suits me fine.  :)

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