Thursday, September 3, 2015

"He said not to panic. He said NOT to panic."

Bonus points if you know the movie.

I might be panicking.  Somehow both the nurse and the doctor forgot to mention to me yesterday that my eye might stay dilated for a few DAYS.  What the fucking fuck!  That seems like an important detail to mention.  I called the office first thing this morning to ask since my pupil is still GINORMOUS.  The lady didn't seem concerned in the slightest.  Why should she be?  Not her fkn eye that is flooding her brain with too much light and over-stimulation.

Let's count how many migraines I get from that.  I'm up to two.  Or three, depending how pedantic we want to be differentiating them.  It might be easier to count doses of sumatriptan.  I usually leave a trail of empty wrappers all over the house when I'm having a bad few days.  Or horrible week.  [Yes, I did replace the one in my purse, thanks for reminding me.   :) ]

As much as I'm whining, I'm fairly pain-free at the moment.  Yay!  My eye is at a dull ache, although it's painful to look at still.  Holy hell, it looks awful!  What doesn't look awful is the spot in my hand where the nurse stuck my IV needle.  She did an amazing job -- no bruising.  Actually, she skipped my hand because I have baby veins.  Sigh.  She inserted it just past my wrist, next to the ulna.  I impressed her by not flinching.  Really, none of this pain has much compared to migraine pain.  It's kind of fucked up what the body gets used to and can tolerate.

For any of you sitting on the edges of your seats wondering what my tasty dinner was last night, it was rare rib-eye (pun intended? now I'm curious) steak, shrimp, and fresh avocado.  Yum!

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