Thursday, September 17, 2015

the Passion of Thor

Am I mixing up my gods again?

Last night I awoke at 2 am not from nightmares (yay!) or mysterious noises but rather from an amazing storm happening outside.  It was lightning so much, I could see it through my closed eyelids and my closed drapes.  The thunder followed shortly thereafter.  Kitten was sleeping nearby and snuggled closer.

Thor was just starting up though.  Pretty soon my whole house and bed were shaking with the thunder BOOMING ever closer.  Kitten finally gave up and went under the bed.  Not even her fierce Wendy could protect her.  Listening to the thunder roll all around me was magnificent.  Of course being comfy in my bed helped, too.

Thor wielded his mighty hammer until I couldn't help but smile at the intensity and majesty of it all.  Forty-five glorious minutes later, I was ready to believe his hammer had been forged in the heart of a dying star.  And I fell back asleep with a grin on my face.

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