Friday, July 3, 2015

Ice cream works in a pinch

A friend of mine recently told me to try ice cream in my coffee when I ran out of cream.  He even said it would work when freezer burn had set in.  I decided to try it this morning, sans freezer burn.  It's actually quite good, although I did leave out the Stevia this morning so it wouldn't be too sweet.

While out in my backyard a few days ago, I found a men's dress watch, still working.  Creepy.  I texted my landscapers to see if one of their crew lost it, but so far nothing.  Creepier.  If I suddenly stop writing here, you'll know I've been murdered by a man (or is that what she wants you to think??) missing a watch.  Sounds like a case for Encyclopedia Brown.

I have BIG plans for my extended holiday weekend.  If the weather cooperates, I plan to read and get some sun.  Otherwise, I plan to read and chill in the AC.  I just finished book three (800+ pages) of the Outlander series and am debating starting book four (1,000+ pages) or taking a break.  They're incredibly good but prodigiously long.  Also, Ernest Cline's new book is coming out soon, and I want to read that, too, and not be caught in the middle of something else.  Because I also have an audible book that I listen to when I'm too tired or in too much pain to read.  So many stories, so little time.

I'd rather get whisked away into a fictional adventure than to turn to what most people call entertainment these days.  The movies are all remakes, with shaky cinematography.  The news is all depressing and perhaps manufactured, unless one puts in the effort to discern the truth.  And that truth is usually even more depressing than the infotainment which is churned out. 

Anyway, enough of that, time to tune into the British Formula One Grand Prix practice session at Silverstone and daydream about my need for speed.

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