Wednesday, November 11, 2015

outside out

How is that Americans love sushi so much that there is a sushi restaurant on every corner, but they hate seaweed so much that every roll by default is inside out (rice on the outside)?  Back in the day, when one ordered sushi, one would have to specify inside out if that was the preference.  Now, I have to ask for outside out, and no one seems to understand me.  What the fuck?  Sushi used to be a healthy meal choice.  Now so many options are full of over-processed white rice and fried batter, with little to no greens.  Way to ruin nutritious foods, Americans.

Rant over.  On to the crazy dreams, some of which happened on good sleep nights, and some during very low sleep nights. Over the past few days, I've dreamt of a bite of perfectly ripe avocado, ice cream, and a greenish, yellow-orange snake jumping on my long-dead mom, although she was very much alive in the dream thankfully because that would have been creepy as fuck, otherwise.  I'm going to assume these were all positive aspects in my life.  Because I can.  :)

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