Tuesday, November 3, 2015

birthdays and lizards

Happy birthday to two very special people in my life.  I thank you both for all of the support you've given me and the laughter we've shared over the years.

Okay, mushy stuff done.  On to the banal.

Have you ever bashed yourself in the throat with the vacuum cleaner so hard you choked while maneuvering it down the stairs?  What?  That's ridiculous?  Yeah, me neither.  I also don't have a GIANT bruise on my knee from a kitchen incident.

I think Kitten must have gotten tired of baby iguanas.  I've had one living outside my office window for a few weeks.  Now, there are two.  Kitten is totally slacking in her cat tasks, although she does hang out on the printer and watch them from time to time.  Sorry for the shitty quality.  The window screen, their natural camouflage, plus my lame photography ability hampers quality photos.  The left one is tricksy to see.  And the one on the right is totally looking in and mocking me. 

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