Thursday, October 15, 2015


As a follow-up to last week's post, I bring you this article, which explains why having technology in one's vagina is a silly (and perhaps painful -- yeowch!) idea, in case you didn't immediately grasp that from my facetious post.  Thanks to one of my alert readers who brought it to my attention.

Kids today (hehe I love saying that) think more technology everywhere is such a fantastic idea.  Here's a tip from your Auntie Wendy, more isn't always better.  Sometimes it's just plain silly (see above).  Other times, it's dangerous and a potential distraction.  Look at most major brands of new cars these days.  Why do we need such complex computers WITH TOUCHSCREENS FFS while we're driving?  I like being able to reach over and fiddle with the a/c buttons or the radio buttons without having to look, just by touch and muscle memory.  I can't get that same level of confidence from a touchscreen.  Mostly, I just want to concentrate on not barreling thousands of pounds of metal into another object, especially at high speed.

Plus, it's just one more thing to break or to be hacked (fuck you, Internet of Things).  If my laptop or smartphone can't last more than 2 years, why would I expect the computer in my car or household appliances to last longer?  Except these are usually quite a bit more expensive and more of a hassle to replace.  It's much easier transferring data from one laptop to another than moving out an old refrigerator and putting in a new one.  I just want an appliance to keep my food cold and safe, so I don't need to text Einstein with even more food safety questions, not to track my eating & shopping habits.

And while I'm on a Luddite-esque rant, let's talk about how all of this technology has degraded our social skills.  I'm not talking about people like me who are introverts, have social anxiety, and prefer interacting with strangers over technology.  I'm referring to friends and family who can't eat a meal together without being on their phones.  Or texting someone who isn't there.  Be in the now, fkrs, talk to your companions and experience your meal.  You can text, tweet, blog, or post about it later.  Your memory should be able to retain pertinent details for a few hours.  And if you can't remember, just embellish it like I do.  ;)  Just kidding.  Maybe.