Tuesday, October 13, 2015

tailless cat

I had a horrible fucking dream last night that Kitten had lost her tail, which was sitting on my bathroom counter mocking me for being a bad owner.  I'm scared to look this one up.  She seemed calm and fine, which was weird.  And then my brother, who doesn't live here, grabbed the keys to my convertible Ferrari, which I sadly don't have (although anyone who knows me knows I would never own a convertible because of hair issues), and raced to the vet.  Without me, and without the cat.  Wtf. 

I'm pondering all of that while drinking my coffee.  I started a new brand today, ground from beans because I'm pretending to be a coffee snob.  I suck at changes, even though I know they're beneficial, so I force myself to face small ones.  The coffee is actually quite tasty, but I miss the Vietnamese blend, which smelled better somehow. 

While I'm enjoying my morning quiet time and coffee, I'm listening to the dulcet sounds of my laptop's fan grinding away and hoping that FedEx gets here with my new laptop very soon.  To add to that cacophony, the landscapers are here with chainsaws, mowers, blowers, and various other loud machinery.  Ahh, who doesn't love peaceful mornings?

I got brave and looked up the tailless cat dream.  Why does everything have to be about sex, Dr. Freud?  Although it also says a loss of independence.  I guess I can afford to lose a little because if I am any more independent, I'll be on my own planet like the Martian

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