Saturday, October 31, 2015

gee, my hair smells terrific

(For you young'uns or non-Americans, there was an obnoxious commercial on TV years ago for 'gee, your hair smells terrific' shampoo.)

There I was last night in class, working out, laughing, straining, and sweating.  Sensei came around to each of us to stretch our chest muscles, with our hands clasped behind our heads.  Like this picture, except we were standing.  Anyway, his face is up against my hair, even though he's standing several inches behind me, or maybe more accurately, my hair is against his face because my hair is voluminous.  And he's all, wow, your hair smells great, what did you use?  Wouldn't you know, it's something that I just fkn used up this morning.

After class, I went shopping and got all kinds of looks in the grocery store.  I'm still not sure if it's because my hair looked good or if I looked ridiculous in my karate t-shirt and baggy workout pants.  I'm going with the latter, although I was having a good hair day.  (The cashier even said she liked my hair, especially the color, which is magical.)  I had varied my routine a bit and gone to the snooty part of town.  It's too bad the staring fkrs didn't get a look inside my cart.  That really would have made their eyes bug out.  My shopping cart was stacked with organic apples, organic greens, organic cream, and 739 kinds of meats, mostly organs.  I returned their stares with big smiles, as I'm wont to do.

Speaking of snooty people and cashiers, this store offers carryout service by the grocery bagger.  These two women (the cashier and the bagger) were having a marvelous conversation, and I didn't want to be the cause of them ceasing, so I declined assistance.  Plus, I had just made a special effort to get exercise.  It seemed idiotic to forego a serendipitous exercise opportunity by not carrying my own groceries out.  I don't understand people who do that.

I came home and fried some beef liver, chicken hearts, greens, and a smidge of bacon for flavor.  I know it sounds disgusting, but it was quite tasty actually.  I would have eaten it in either case because I desperately need the protein and minerals.  While it was cooking, I threw some raw pieces on Kitten's plate for second dinner.  She kept coming over and sniffing my food as if to say, why the fuck are you eating my food mom, and why are you ruining it by cooking it?  However, I'm not hardcore enough to eat it raw.  Yet.

I suppose I made mealtime easier for both of us if we're now eating the same foods.  Most of the prepackaged baggie (I separate the meats into variety packs and freeze them) goes into her plate.  A few pieces go into the skillet for me, along with some coconut oil and a bushel of greens.  Yum? 

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