Saturday, October 10, 2015


Sooo tired.  I stayed up too late, talking to both of my sisters on the phone.  Separately.  It was nice to catch up with each of them, though.  Somehow it's different on the phone than in email.  I still managed to get 7 hours of sleep, somewhat interrupted when Kitten kept coming up to snuggle.

And that was after workout class.  My legs are aching nicely.  Fuck you, squats.

I'm about to drink my Wendycoffee while watching F1 Qualifying, taking place at the Russian Grand Prix.  I put extra cocoa powder and 2 eggs in my coffee this morning because my body needs fuel.

Hmm, after stirring up my coffee, I think my arms are aching nicely, too.  I always forget exactly what we did in class.  It never feels like we did much because we always laugh and talk.  It's more like a kaffeeklatsch than a workout.  Minus the coffee.  It's very misleading.  When we get new people or visitors, they underestimate it, until the next day when they're practically crippled.  I barely remember more than 2 exercises we did.  Fuck you, squats.  I do remember those because I have a love/hate relationship with them.  I love what they do for my body, but I hate the aches and pains.

I skipped dinner afterwards with everyone because I wanted to get groceries before it was too late and I became too tired.  Although it's never smart to buy food when you're hungry, I did avoid buying anything bad for me.  I do admit to being tempted by the peanut butter cupcakes. 

Watching the ultimate race-cars speed around the track and each other is not helping me wake up.  It's not as if I'm feeling the adrenaline rush behind the wheel.  The coffee isn't helping either.  Maybe I need a nap before I start my day.

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