Wednesday, October 14, 2015

5 guys, it's all in the name

After my morning coffee and FedEx delivery, I worked a bit, speaking LOUDLY into the phone over the din of my laptop and the landscapers.  For lunch, I rewarded myself with a nice workout with my gym buddy, aka my Sensei.  We laughed and panted through our workout as usual.  And compared migraines from the previous day.  Mine hit at 4pm, his at 5.  And both of us asleep by 9.  I guess a cold front came through.  It was a brisk 72 degrees this morning.

We also chatted a bit about The Martian.  He was surprised that it was so funny.  And also that at times, it seemed I was the only one laughing in the whole theater.  (I don't think he noticed that I cried during parts of it, ssshhh.)  He said he looked around and noticed people smiling but not laughing out loud.  When did people forget that laughing was fun and good for us?

An older Italian gentleman at the gym has taken a liking to me over the years because I remind him of his granddaughter or niece or someone.  He always comes over to us and chats a bit when he sees me.  Today was killing me because he had cigarette breath.  Ugh.  I tolerated it though because he's a sweet man.  And I like when people laugh and smile, so we included him in some of our jokes and banter.  And between sets, I looked at photos on his phone.  At a certain point, I was looking for any excuse for a rest.  ;)

Sensei said his painful knee felt better after we worked out.  He also fixed my shoulder.  Again.  I really need to go to the chiropractor and massage therapist, but I've been procrastinating because of all the ophthalmologist appointments lately.  One doctor at a time is more than enough.  That's my motto.

We decided to grab a quick lunch since we both had time.  I wasn't able to work much while I was migrating hundreds of GBs of data from my old laptop to my new.  (So I'm a digital pack-rat, so what?)  We went to Five Guys, which is a burger chain, for those of you unfamiliar.  The employees at this location are super friendly and efficient.  And the burgers are tasty, although I'm aware they aren't grass-fed or organic.

I noticed while we were eating there, that the clientele and employees were predominantly (entirely?) male.  Maybe that location has a 2 female limit at any given time.  There were some rough-looking characters there, but I knew Sensei could handle whatever, so I wasn't worried.  A police officer was there for a bit, too.  And people are always happier with a full belly.  Does every other woman know something I don't about this chain?  Are they misogynistic?  Am I supposed to be boycotting them?  Is it just the scary clientele?  Do women not eat burgers?  Wtf?

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