Monday, October 26, 2015

amazon is a little bit stalkerish

I'm too lazy to log out each time I do an Amazon search, so it keeps my history and tries to know me and my needs better.  I suppose some people like that and maybe feel flattered.  I'm just creeped out and ready to get a restraining order.  And lethal force.  Does Amazon sell that, too?  :)

I did laugh when I searched for a Valentino bag (not for me, fkrs), and it assumed I meant Valentino Rossi.  It does know me a little too well. 

Recently I searched for a crock pot, and it wanted me to register for my upcoming nuptials.  Sigh.  Way to rub salt in my wounds, Amazon.  Make sure to sell me the salt first, though.  Fooled you, I buy it elsewhere.  Because I'm a salt snob.  Or connoisseur.  Both are correct.

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Jules said...

W- I miss you! Thanks for sharing your thoughts; feels like we're sitting together in some mind-numbing training somewhere, whispering during class & then running into the washroom to laugh our butts off. Xoxo