Friday, October 16, 2015


No, not the famous address.  It's my 1600th post.  Apparently I talk a lot.  ;)   In that spirit, this one will be extensive.

Speaking of talking a lot, there are two women sitting near me in the waiting room at the doctor's office.  They've had a lengthy conversation regarding Fall fashion, modified for south Florida.  I haven't picked up any pointers yet, but I am dying to see the one woman's shoes because they had an exhaustive discussion about them.  Wedges of some type, in case you're curious.  I could just walk over and ask, but then I'll be stuck talking to her.  I can sort of make them out between the chairs if I lean over.  They don't look as spectacular as they inferred.  Not to be mean, but they really talked them up.  Plus, I'm not a fan of beige, taupe, or any related shade. Then they went on and on about how they can't wear boots down here.  Fkn amateurs.  I wear boots year round, when I'm actually making an effort to dress up.  It's not like you have to buy fur-lined boots ffs.

Two doctors' offices in two days is two too many.  Yesterday was my clinical trial visit.  Which was fkn awesome.  Even if it sucks to get there.  And they took more blood.  And will tell me I'm anemic (I've been stuffing myself with red meat and dark greens the past 2 weeks in anticipation).  But I got my monthly shot, which will help me minimize my migraines for the month.  YAY!!!

My ECG was normal *for me*.  What do you suppose that means?  She started to tell me, but she got distracted after saying something about sinus waves.  I'll have to look further into that at some point. Although now that I think about it, they've had problems getting a good read on me since I started there because my rib cage is too small to space the leads properly.  Sigh.

Also, she asked if I was alive when she went to take my blood pressure.  I had driven at breakneck speed for 50 minutes to get there and was practicing biofeedback to lower it.  Just in case.  That sounds fancier than it is.  I imagine myself snuggling with Kitten, while she's purring.  Apparently, I lowered it too much.  Oops.  I thought about work real quick to attempt to raise it.  It went up two points.  Go me.
I lucked out and got the good nurse.  I didn't even feel the needle stick to withdraw blood.  And more important, she does the injection the best.  If it's not done at a precise speed, it burns like 1,000 fire ants stinging in one coordinated nuclear attack (I'm looking at you, impatient-nurse-from-last-month).   I'm not sure how well an injection like that will translate to home use.  I wonder how many times I'll persuade myself that I'm fine and postpone the injection to avoid the pain of it.  That's not even factoring in the cost of a brand new patented pharmaceutical, which we all know will cost the bank, and will help the decision to delay the monthly shot.  

But that was yesterday, and here I am today at the eye doctor, getting my checkup with my original surgeon from four years ago.  Who I like better.  Much better.  She confused me by personally coming to get me from the waiting room and putting me in an exam room ahead of everyone else. Then she did the dilation that the nurse usually does.  She is so much more thorough than my current surgeon.  It's why I prefer her. 

She seemed surprised and concerned that my vision isn't improving.  She administered the vision test herself, too, instead of the nurse.  And noticed that my scar wasn't as remarkable as he thought.  She saw tiny imperfections and is putting me on anti-inflammatory drops to see if that helps.  And even picked a generic to make it less expensive.  I have such a platonic crush on her.  She's smart and competent and efficient and considerate.  And and and.  :)

She did agree that I can go full on with exercise and weightlifting now.  Sweet.  I still may go a little light, but I won't worry (as much) now if I feel like going heavier.  And by heavier, I mean squatting with the bar plus 10 pounds hehe.  /flex

When I went to check out and make my next appointment, the receptionist commented that I had received the VIP treatment from my doc.  /swoon    You'd better believe that all of my future appointments will be with her if at all possible. 

I decided that if she was making so much effort to get me better, then I would make it a priority to get my eye drops ASAP.  So I stopped at the pharmacy and waited for my Rx to be filled.  Which I never do.  I lucked out and got the lesbian pharmacist with the lip piercing and the full sleeve tattoos.  The old people looked slightly intimidated by her, but I gave her a huge smile and was rushed through.  She probably noticed I was wearing my comfy shoes, and no makeup.  I'm so gender-fluid I probably confused her.  But the poor dear seemed so stressed.  I just wanted her to relax and feel good for a minute.

     *beams giant smile at you*
I'm having a great day and hope y'all are, too!  Thanks for stopping by.

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