Sunday, March 20, 2016

time to re-open the sunshine division

Spring is symbolically a time for fresh starts and new beginnings.  Even though it's raining today, I'm going to re-open the sunshine division of my brain.  Or maybe especially because it's raining today?

I'm ready to put the pain behind me.  Behind me, where it's lurking, whispering, telling me that I'm not good enough.  A susurration of negativity just there, behind me.  Ssshhh.

People say time heals, but time doesn't magically heal.  It's how we use the time that allows us to heal. With the exception of my copious amounts of PityParties, I think I've put my time to good use in the healing compartment.  Now, to excise the fkn PityParties.  I wonder which supplement helps with that.  I'm pretty sure sunshine and tropical beaches work.

In that vein, I purchased a new bikini that helps to hide some of the scars that I'm self-conscious about.  I used to be more confident when I was at the beach, but I'm out of practice.  And older.  Sigh.  Yeah, yeah, I look great FOR MY FKN AGE.  Go fuck yourself.  And thank you.  :)

I'm ready to be happy and celebrate Nowruz, although there's much contention about exactly what day the first day of Spring falls on, the 20th or 21st?  Technically, it's the 20th this year (and most years), but viscerally, many people assume equinoxes should be on the 21st, including Persians apparently.  I've noticed that it's a generational thing, too.  My generation was taught that Pluto is a fkn planet, and the 21st is the fkn equinox.  End of story.  Me?  I like learning new ideas, and I'm a traditionalist, so I'll meet in the middle and celebrate both days.  :)

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