Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Schrodinger's car

Yesterday, I got in my car, turned the key, and it wouldn't start.  It's such a helpless feeling.  Fortunately I was at home already.  Probably I didn't help matters by not driving for a week.  Fkn Zika aftereffects.

You guessed it, dead battery.  Hours later, I was the proud and relieved owner of an installed new battery and, more important, a functioning car.  The old me would have shopped around.  The new me just wanted that sick, helpless feeling to go away.  Okay, I didn't change that much.  I looked at two options before exercising the third.  And I frantically texted my brother asking his advice on everything so I wouldn't get scammed or given bad information.

And I can't complain overly much because my previous battery lasted over a decade.  Here's a plug for Optima batteries, but only if you can time-travel and buy an older one.  Allegedly, they've been bought out by a bigger company, and their quality has decreased.

I was very grateful to the man who fixed my car.  He was extremely thorough and did diagnostic testing to let me know my alternator was fine.  He explained everything along the way, although he did use jargon which was beyond me, but I got the gist of what he was saying.  I called his supervisor when he left to compliment him.  I don't think they get many of those calls, because they were taken aback at first, but then very happy they weren't dealing with an irate customer.

I'm nervous about starting my car today.  Schrodinger's car will be both dead and functioning until I actually turn the key and check.

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