Thursday, March 3, 2016

bacon helps

I had a great day yesterday, but I fell apart and fractured last night.  In a BIG way.  I was reminded that perhaps a depressive episode is a migraine precursor, so I medicated at the first sign of pain.  In this instance, I think the crying triggered the migraine.  But who the fuck knows.  I'm just so sick of everything.

However, here's where I count my blessings.  That's such a trite platitude, but it holds true.  I have a few great people in my life who love me.  Even when they're far away, they make themselves available to me.  On paper, my life is pretty good.  Minus the 76 (and counting) migraines this year.  But wait, I was counting blessings not curses.  I'm in a nice climate-controlled home.  I have food in my belly and in my fridge, and my magical cupboard full of expired canned food is running low.

I had a lovely lunch with my dad this week.  Yes, I know I talk about my abominable childhood and the fear he struck in me, but we're both different people now and have moved past that.  I'm not big on keeping grudges.  Life is painful enough without purposefully holding onto more misery.

I had bacon and kale for breakfast, topped with toasted pumpkin seeds and pecans, which made me smile.  Because bacon.

The weather is absolutely gorgeous.

And, I ran out of things to count.  Math is hard.  :\

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