Monday, March 28, 2016

oatmeal fatality

Ugh.  It was awful.  And I ate it all. Because it was healthy.  And I needed fuel.  Taste was irrelevant. 

I made my usual oatmeal. And then added in two many ingredients that didn't play well with others.  (By the way, I'm not an ignoramus, I used the homophone on purpose.)  I added chopped, fresh, tart kiwi.  With the scrubbed skin left on.  You know, for fiber and stuff.  I've done that many times before, so it didn't feel new.  That's where I fucked up, because I haven't done it recently and forgot how to blunt it. 

Then I added some vanilla protein powder.   Which is what ruined it.  It was horrid.  And I ate the whole bowl.  And felt pleasantly full. 

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