Saturday, March 19, 2016

almost human this morning

Fuck, I hate being sick.  Coughing sucks with a migraine.  Actually, everything sucks with a migraine.  Mic drop. 

Just goofing.  I can't tell if I'm actually better this morning or if the Imitrex-Benadryl cocktail I took is cleverly masking the symptoms.  I think I have my voice back somewhat.  Which Kitten is thrilled about, I'm sure.

Here's a quote that inspired me recently.

Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is a quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow."
                              -Mary Anne Radmacher

I've needed to feel like it was courageous of me to say tomorrow will be better.  My days (and nights) have not been the most pleasant of late, what with the coughing, the fever, the pain, oh my fkn god, the fkn pain.  I kept telling myself that tomorrow it would be less, and I would be more.  I was a big fat liar.  And the ice pack was my new best friend.

While I was lying in my delirium and misery, I looked up Zika to see if I truly had the symptoms.  After all, Florida is leading the country in the Zika outbreak, presumably all obtained from foreign travel though, not through mosquito transmission yet.  What I noticed is that Zika has fairly similar symptoms to every other flu-type virus.  Which means that most people will self-treat and be officially undiagnosed.  So how can they have any hope for accurate numbers?

Which means the count is probably much higher.  Which means I did have the fkn Zika.  Or maybe dengue.  Or Chikungunya, although that was so two years ago and not at all fashionable anymore.  But it is fun to say. 

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