Wednesday, March 9, 2016

do you suffer from fomo?

No, FOMO isn't a new disease created by the pharmaceutical companies.  Or is it?? 

It's what millennials are calling 'grass is greener' syndrome, and it stands for fear of missing out.  Nowadays, people see their friends allegedly having the best fkn time ever on social media.  Which leads to the assumption that life is passing them by whilst everyone else is crushing it.

As per usual, I'm going against the grain and posting my lows as well as my (very few) peaks.  Because I'm authentic.  And because this is more for me than you.  Sorry, not sorry.  Of course that makes me wonder if you like reading this because it helps you feel superior?  Not judging, just curious. 

If you aren't waking up with nightmares a few times a week, I would agree that you're superior.  And I'm green with envy.  Not to be confused with grass is greener syndrome.  Are you getting into a St. Patrick's Day mood yet?  What other green cliches can I trot out?

If you're at all curious if you suffer from FOMO, try this scientific (?) test.

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