Wednesday, March 30, 2016

cry your eyes dry

I learned a new expression.  It's my latest favorite.

I think I have cried my eyes dry.  Or at least dry enough that I haven't cried in a full day.  Go me!  I couldn't stomach the brownies anymore either.  I froze the rest and went back to my healthy greens and liver.

The heavens are crying for me instead.  It might be time to build the Ark.  My pool is overflowing.  And green.  Yuck.  I keep fishing out the equivalent of a small tree every day, but I'm making backwards progress because 10 minutes a day isn't enough.  I tell myself why I can't go out and thoroughly clean it yet.  Lazy never comes up somehow.  Lightning.  Hail.  Freshly-washed hair.  The nebulous busy.  Migraines.  More bad weather on the way, even after eight inches of rain.  Those are all valid reasons.  But really, I'm lazy. 

And exhausted from being depressed.  Who knew it was so hard to lie around and cry?

I'm pretty sure I said I was READY TO RE-OPEN THE SUNSHINE DIVISION OF MY BRAIN AGAIN.  Wtf happened.  I guess I'm a Procrastinator.  I really mean it this time.  No more bad news, okay?  The Bad News Reception Area is closed until further notice.

/firmly puts on my rose-colored shades

Bring it, mofos!

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