Friday, March 11, 2016

didn't have to cancel

I medicated like a mofo yesterday and was able to keep my movie plans. Yippee! 

In other news, Deadpool is a fun movie.  There were tons of jokes ad funny references, although I'm sure I missed a bunch because my brain was not firing on all cylinders.

The migraine sort of dissipated yesterday afternoon after dose #4, but I can feel it lingering in the fog of my head, waiting to pounce.  Today is going to be a 'take it easy, Wendy,' self-care kind of day.  Fortunately I have the day off from work, so that helps. 

However, no one told Kitten, who quite insistently woke me at 6:26 am, despite it being prime coyote time.  There was much whining and crying (by both of us) until I felt it was light enough to disperse the potential coyotes.  When I finally let her out the back door, she got spooked and came right back in.  She decided the front yard was more secure.  You'll be happy to know, she's safely inside now, napping on my desk, with her belly full of pork tenderloin.

A nap soon sounds delightful.

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