Wednesday, November 25, 2015

the message

I recently listened to The Message podcast and didn't realize it was fictional entertainment until a few minutes into the first episode.  I apologize if I ruined it for you.  Spoilers.  :P

I was all excited to listen to nerds try to decipher an unusual message.  And then it turned into fictional drama.  It was still entertaining, and I listened to all eight episodes.  But I was disappointed.  Because of expectations.  As per usual.

Be honest, when you saw the title to this post, did you think it was some hippie type of thing like The Secret?  And weren't you vastly relieved that it wasn't??   :)

You know when you're first getting to know someone and you think they're perfectly awesome, and then they say something that is batshit insane?  And how disappointed you feel that your unicorn's horn fell off?  And how fast can you gracefully exit the situation? 

Fortunately, I haven't had that happen in a while.  Does that mean that my crazy-tolerance has increased or that my first-impression-meter has improved?  I'm guessing the former, because I'm consistently a terrible judge of character.  Is there a word for being character-blind?  Because I have that.  To the point where I usually ask someone else I trust to let me know if I'm making a terrible mistake.  In either direction.

I know you're wondering what my batshit insanity will be.  You'll just have to ride it out and see when my alicorn falls off.  How can I be so sure it hasn't yet, you ask.  You wouldn't still be reading my preposterous ramblings if it had.

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