Friday, November 27, 2015

/adjusts my alicorn

Maybe we can place my respect for vultures into my Interesting category?  Anyone can love a kestrel or a penguin, but loving vultures takes contemplation and fortitude, right?  Right??

I thought about going the cliché route yesterday with a gratitude post, but I do those enough on regular days.  Besides, I figured everyone was jumping on the gratitude bandwagon yesterday, and you'd be bored to tears and need some eccentric relief.

Perhaps I should have focused more on my positives because I ended up throwing myself a PityParty, clowns and all.  I woke up feeling great, decided that I would do things that made me smile, and not focus on any negativity.  That lasted a few hours until I received an email from my former mother-in-law saying how much she missed and loved me.  Which on the surface sounds wonderful, but it made it tricksy to keep my denial in check.  :)  It was the balloon that broke the clown's back or whatever the appropriate metaphor would be for a PityParty Commencement.

At 2 pm, I forced myself out of bed and washed my hair.  At 3 pm, I was back in bed, with my eyes still randomly leaking.  One of my friends gave me a pep-talk / guilt-trip and helped motivate me out of my house.  Thanks!  In hindsight, the depression along with the leaky eyes may have been precursors to a migraine because I also had tingling and numbness in my extremities, which I conveniently ignored.  And fatigue which I attributed to depression and also conveniently ignored as a migraine clue.

The migraine was nice enough to hold off until the end of the evening, after dinner.  Probably the bourbon pecan pie didn't help.  But, oh my, that was fkn scrumptious!

I had a lot of fun seeing my family, arguing politics, discussing Genghis Khan and his absolute domination, analyzing Star Wars, and learning how to make yogurt.  We have great vicissitudinous conversations when there are a lot of us together, about all kinds of topics, which can be very overwhelming to new people.  (I think we may have slightly intimidated and then impressed my brother's friend.)  I'm really glad I ended up going because I rarely get to interact like that.

Today as I'm dealing with a migraine postdrome, not only is the glass half full, it is also a beautiful glass.  Because I'm choosing to be happy today, and my brain is cooperating.

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