Thursday, February 13, 2003

Thursday, February 13, 2003

I am feeling torn lately with two friends of mine.  One is going through a just-blossoming romance, and the other is going through a heart-wrenching breakup.  The first is all giddy and happy and second-guessing every nuance as we all are wont to do in a new romance.  I'm having a great time helping him plan his Valentine's gift.  He's so cute trying to think of every possible consequence of his thoughts and actions.  And she sounds like a dream come true for him.  :)

And my second friend, I just wanna hug until Valentine's Day is over and he's back to his normal effervescent self.  Of course I believe my friends are worthy people, so I have no comprehension of how/why a woman would cast a man like him off.  It's easy for me to say to him that she has no idea the mistake she's made, but of course it's not so easy for him to believe it. 

I don't have many friends, but the ones I do have are of the highest quality of person.  I always feel like I can learn so much from each and every one of them about how to be a better person.  So many people take ethics and integrity for granted.  But in actuality, it's in quite short supply lately, and it makes my heart smile when I see someone who has it.  And, of course on the flip side, it makes my heart cry when I see someone of integrity get hurt and perhaps start to doubt themselves.  I hear women complain that there are no nice men left, and yet I see nice men getting hurt by some of these same women who either have unrealistic expectations or who are not of the same integrity and don't truly appreciate what they had.   

I have learned in my adult years to have better personal integrity than what I had learned as a child.  I still feel like I have quite a road to traverse, which I suppose makes me notice it more (and admire it) in others.  I sincerely hope that those people who have it and get hurt by others do not unlearn their wonderful traits.  On the eve of this Valentine's Day, I am ever so grateful that Galahad is in my life and treats me like the woman I aspire to be.  Plus he makes me laugh --- even when I'm sick & miserable.  ;)

Last night he surprised me with sushi and two movies, Ice Age and The Bourne Identity.  Ice Age was very cute, and I'm looking forward to The Bourne Identity tonight, although I doubt it will be as good as the book.  Gah, I love that book.

For those of you following Galahad's gift saga, today was Stargazer Lilies and other stuff.  He thinks I'm crazy, and I suppose I am, but he truly is worth it.  :)

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