Sunday, February 2, 2003

Sunday, February 2, 2003

I wasn't going to say anything about what happened on Friday night, but in hindsight, it is pretty funny.  Actually, it was funny at the time just kind of embarrassing.  I still feel stupid, but amused all at the same time.

Galahad and I met up with my new friend, Futureboy, at Ft Lauderdale Beach.  We parked at the Beach Place since it was easy & convenient.  We had a great time and walked along the strip until we settled on the little German place, Bierbrunnen.  Galahad had only 1 beer, and I of course had my water.  The food was yummy, and the company was fabulous.  It got later & later and colder & colder, so we finally decided to say goodnight to him and walk back to our car.

We walked back through the Beach Place into the parking garage.  We had parked in a corner spot, and I shivered my way over there, yawning along the way -- yet still trying to be vigilant for potential thugs.  :)   We get to the corner spot, and it's empty.  I'm shocked and starting to feel sick.  Now, I'm wondering if perhaps we parked in a tow-away zone that was hotel only.  We decided to go up one level in case we misjudged.  We walk all the way around the loop to get up, and that corner spot is empty also.  Now, I'm just miserable & so cold.  I keep looking at the empty spot waiting for my car to magically appear.  We start thinking of what we've left in the car that is now gone, too. 
Fortunately, I keep my car pretty clean, so I really only had some CD's. 

We look for broken glass on the ground to see if someone smashed the window to gain entry.  Nothing.  We walk back down to the 1st floor so we can report it to the front guard people.  We stop on the level we thought we were on and look for glass there, too.  Nothing.  We are almost at the guard level when Galahad says let's just look here, too.  I'm sure we didn't park on that level, but I wanted to delay the inevitable.  Tada!!!!!!!!   There's my yummy car!   I was so happy to see it.   I was so sure we didn't park on this level, but there it was, and I felt so stupid for being so worried.  Imagine if we had reported it, and it was found right where we left it??!!!!  Omfg, what dumbasses we were.   We laughed the whole way home.  =D

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