Friday, February 14, 2003

Friday, February 14, 2003

Happy Valentine's Day!  To those of you who think it's not so fucking happy today, I am hopeful that your time will come.  I had many years of thinking this day sucked.  I've had a few more people tell me that they just recently broke up with their GF or BF.  Yes today sucks for you, but it will last in your memory so that when you do find your special someone, you will cherish her/him immensely.  And, one day you will think it's no big deal what I am doing for my honey.

Today was the final day of a Week of Romance for my Galahad -- a dozen red roses.  He told me that this is the best Valentine's Day ever for him.  :))  Btw, he sent me gorgeous flowers, too, but the best part of this holiday for me is that I get to spend it with him doing whatever.  I remember last year when he made it special for me even though I was miserable.  He's just a wonderful man.

Last night we watched The Bourne Identity.   It's a great movie, but not like I remembered the book.  Of course, I read the book over 15 years ago, so perhaps my memory isn't all that accurate. 

I'm cranky now after having spent an hour on the phone with a BellSouth DSL level 2 technician who swore up & down that it must be my router having issues and not them.  After an hour of getting nowhere, he tells me they just got notified of server validation issues.  No fucking shit!  Hehe, I did get to say "I told you so".  Gah, I'm immature, but it felt good.  So, now I have two hours to kill with no DSL.  I feel so 20th century.  Maybe its apropos to go back in time on a romantic day such as today?  Laugh, whatever I have to tell myself to keep my sanity, right?

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