Sunday, February 9, 2003

Sunday, February 9, 2003

You would not believe the day I had yesterday.  First, I woke up with a sore throat, but resourceful me had packed some of my vitamin C crystals, so that helped for a bit.  They dissolve in hot water and make a tasty yet healthful beverage. ;)

Btw, I just reread yesterday's entry and I didn't mean to come across as conceited.  I had several moments of insecurity when I called Galahad and whined about some of my many flaws.  He just gave me a pep talk each time and called them battle scars that I should not be afraid of.  Gah, he's wonderful!!  I also called Maximus previously to get a pep talk, so my confidence was somewhat artificially boosted.  :)

So back to my weird day.

We had a mandatory breakfast for everyone, which I of course would never miss anyway.  Most people looked like shit since they had stayed out partying all night.  Dunno why I got sick cuz I've been doing mostly healthy things --- although my sleep has suffered a bit.  Towards the end of breakfast, we got abruptly interrupted by a group of fighter pilots and megaphones.  They marched us out of there and into another room.  It turns out they were our motivational team building people, affectionately known as Afterburner Seminars.  Their big motto is 'Business is Combat', which I oh so don't agree with.  No one dies when I screw up.  But apparently I was in the minority as everyone else thought it was fabulous.  They were very easy on the eyes though in their sexy flight suits.   ;)  We heard examples of task saturation where 100 people died cuz of 3 people's mistakes.  I thought the whole analogy was a bit harsh, but who the fuck am I anyway?  ;)

We had a 2 hour break (nap time) and then it was off to MGM Studios for dinner.  My company had rented out a part of it for our exclusive use.  We arrived to a tickertape parade in our honor and crowds of people (extras) behind barricades asking for our autographs.  It was cute. 

Dinner was a choice of 3 buffets (Italian, Mexican, or Chinese) along the streets of New York City.  Then, off to the other section for dessert.  My female friend and I were offered a ride by a charming gentleman in his antique car.  We hopped aboard and were driven around like celebrities.  We waved at all of our colleagues (those peasants) who had to walk. 

Four attractions were opened for us:  MuppetVision 3D, Star Tours, Tower of Terror, and Rockin' Roller-Coaster.  I went on only two cuz I didn't think I was up to the rigorous physical toll the other two would take.  I was given all kinds of peer pressure to go on them, but I held my ground and am glad I did.  No emergency trips to my chiropractor needed.  :)

We had a DJ as well who played some great oldies and mixes.  And, I danced with my CEO and with my division president.  Okay, it wasn't close dancing, but they were in my vicinity and made eye contact.  lol.   I was a little bit cold, but the dancing warmed me up.  Btw, I was wearing 3 layers under the jacket that Galahad shipped to me.

I came back relatively early and was in bed & packed by 11:30 PM.  All in all, it was a fun way to end my trip.

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