Friday, January 8, 2016

why is the floor tilted?

Yesterday morning, I wished I had a chauffeur.  I immediately thought of whom I could call and rejected all of them for various reasons.  I had my monthly trek to get my migraine shot.  Except not only did I have a migraine hangover, I had vertigo, too.  I'm no stranger to vertigo, and this latest bout saw me still functional.  Yippee?  Plus, I had the benefit of knowing how to fix it.  No, none of those silly exercises (flopping backwards on my bed) ever did anything for me except make me dizzier.  I researched the fuck out of it once upon a time (because doctors were useless and told me to deal with it, these things happen sometimes) and learned that magnesium helped.  But not quickly.  I popped two capsules and mixed some powder in water before I had to drive.  One of the advantages of waking up too early is that I had lots of time. Thanks, Kitten.

When I finally had to leave, I was able to walk straight without having to hold the walls.  I still held the rail for the stairs though.  Because I'm not an idiot.  Plus my legs were shaking from muscle fatigue from my workout. 

I got there just fine and was quizzed about my holidays.  Of course I said how great they were.  No one (except you freaks) wants to hear how dysfunctional my family is about measuring our body fat after Xmas dinner, especially since the nurse (okay, the whole office) was heavier than me.  

I had a moment of unease when she took my blood pressure, and it was so low from all the magnesium.  [Pro-tip: take magnesium if you ever need to lower yours.]  But she was just happy it wasn't high and didn't comment further. 

I beat the previous night's time of being in bed by almost an hour.  Holy fuck, I love my bed.  And hate my pain.  And love my soft sheets.  And hate my pain.  And love my fluffy pillows.  And hate my pain. 

I guess the upside is the vertigo is gone, even though the migraine is back.  And I'm home.  In my lovely bed.  With Kitten.  And I didn't even need to silence my phone because no one is texting, calling, emailing, or messaging me. 

Just kidding.  Totoro called me from the hospital; the short story is that she has excellent insurance and shitty doctors.  And my sister emailed me.  And my friends texted and emailed me.  And I felt loved. :)

Don't focus on the pain.  Focus on your strength, Wendy.  

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