Monday, January 25, 2016

Have modem, will surf

I have a new modem from my ISP, and I'm all set.  Apparently the one they gave to me in June was outdated and died.  Wtf.  Either they gave an old one to a new customer or they don't last very long.  I am impressed that their technician was prompt and competent, though.  He said he'd stick around in my driveway for a few minutes to make sure the new modem didn't update its firmware and break.  I admired the forethought.  He ended up staying about 90 minutes.  I felt like I should've brought him refreshments, except then I remembered that I don't cook and have nothing to drink besides water.  (Ixnay on the umray).  He probably wouldn't appreciate aged canned goods the way I do.  ;)

The migraine finally lifted last night after I don't know how many pills and one shot.  Those are easier to track.  I count the bruises on my leg.  Today, I'm dealing with the joy of migraine hangover.  I got winded going up and down my stairs this morning and had to rest halfway. 

Is it too early to go back to bed and surf on my laptop?

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