Thursday, January 28, 2016

wanted: tough guy movie quotes

Using a fresh toothbrush is like wearing new socks for the first time, or getting into a crisply made bed with clean sheets.  I've tried both a new toothbrush and clean sheets to cheer me up lately, which helped a smidge.

I have been migraine-free for almost a full day now, 19 hours to be exact.  My week went to shit Saturday afternoon, and kept getting worse somehow.  I suppose I should be grateful that days of storms (including excessive rain, sustained powerful winds, hail, and tornadoes) hasn't resulted in any property damage.  So far.  I am thankful that I can be miserably writhing in pain on the floor inside my dry house.  That's a fucked up sentence to write.

My body is betraying me.  I take such good care of it, but it's so fkn sensitive that, like a seahorse, one little aberrant twitch, and I'm down for the count.  I'm slowly making a comeback, though.  Why does it seem that it takes weeks to get healthier and one day to fuck up all that progress?  At least I'm past the Fight Club quote feeling of "put a gun to my head and paint the walls with my brains."

My body seems to be trying to help.  I've been sleeping fucktons, and (I'm hopeful) repairing myself during that sleep.  It's weird that when I finally started feeling better last night, I had a rough time sleeping again.  It's like my body doesn't want to make the effort past a certain point.  Listen, mofo', do what needs to be done to feel great!  Why stop at partial progress?  "Rest is a weapon," so says Jason Bourne.

How many other tough guy movie quotes can I throw in to persuade my body?  :)   I think I'm at my limit, so if you know of any more, send them my way please.

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