Wednesday, January 13, 2016

i'm not a multimillionaire


But my friends and I did get $12 back on a low initial investment of $45.  I'm no financial whiz, but I'm pretty sure that makes us rich.  RICH, I TELL YOU!!!

Maybe not rich in the conventional sense, but we're having fun sending texts and dreaming dreams.  We've had many imaginary meals and fun experiences in exotic locales.  And we've rolled over the $12 to invest in tonight's Powerball drawing.  Plus maybe a little more.  Sigh. 

My smart friends are all having a pretty good laugh at the horrible odds.  My even smarter friends are laughing AND maybe buying a ticket, just in case, and then chalking it up to an entertainment expense.  I've already told my manager I may not show up to work tomorrow.  And now, I want to call in sick just to fuck with him.  :)   Except people are depending on me, so even if I won, I'd still show up. 

In other news, I saw Totoro last night.  Her son came to town, took me to dinner, and then we visited her in the rehab facility.  I offered my advice on what I'd do if she were my mom.  He seemed amenable to accepting it, so I'm hopeful he'll have a hard conversation with her doctors.  And perhaps fire a few.  She seemed perfectly fine.  And of course, I texted her grand-kids again from her phone and asked for more pics.  They sent them right away.  She watched the videos several times, exclaiming over how great they were.  I even persuaded her to take a photo to send back.  That took some convincing because her hair was a mess from an EEG (which, of course, found nothing but someone to pay some hefty medical bills).

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