Saturday, January 30, 2016

almost back to normal

(Not really, but I can dream.)  I've been stuffing myself with red meats and liver again to give me energy.  I decided to get creative and boost the deliciousness of liver.  Yesterday, I had fried liver, with kale, topped with pumpkin seeds and shredded coconut for lunch.  And for dinner, it was fried liver, with pumpkin seeds and crumbled pecans, with a side of sauteed baby spring mix.  I gave myself the idea of pecans from my jocular crested pecan post.  Probably no one else would eat it, but I liked it.

My dad had been after me to fix his laptop all week.  I tried explaining that I wasn't in a mood to fix it when I couldn't even get out of bed.  That stalled him for a few days, until he traded me some liver for my time.  I asked for chopped liver, but somehow that's harder to find than it should be.  I took pity on him because I know how frustrated I get when I have no ready access to all the world's data at my fickle fingertips.  Plus it was my dad, so I didn't need to get prettied up or worry about my house being dirty or any of the myriad of things one worries about when having someone over.

I even threw in some exercise this week.  I texted my Sensei to warn him prior to our class that I was, to put it bluntly, a fkn mess.  He's known me for years, so he said come anyway, and he would fix me or at least catch me when I passed out.  He massaged and manipulated my neck for a few minutes, which seemed to have helped.  And then we did a bunch of shoulder and arm exercises to work on that area.  Plus abs, because abs.  I had to modify some of the exercises, and I used lighter weights than normal, but I'm glad I went.

Today I have big, big plans.  Steak and more sauteed greens.  And perhaps a book if I can focus.  Or maybe catch up on more TV shows if I can't.  I've watched way too much TV this week, but my mind has been mush.  I was making stupid mistakes and feeling dumber by the day.  I know you're curious what kind of silly shows I watch when I need to relax and tranquilize myself.  Here in no special order are some of the shows I watched: Downton Abbey, The Magicians, X-Files, Younger, Supergirl, Agent Carter, and Bob's Burgers

Mmm, burgers.  More later, steak now!

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