Thursday, January 7, 2016

is she hot? no, she looks like you

I haven't laughed so hard in a couple of weeks.  I almost fell off my bench.  I was working out with my partner, and he was gossiping about some gold-digger at the gym.  So I asked the logical question if she was hot.  His response was fkn classic.

Me: Is she hot?
Him: No, she looks like you.
Him (finally realizing what he just said): Uh, I mean, her personality makes her not hot.
Me: choking and laughing and spluttering

Whole gym looked at us like wtf just happened.  And that's how I got my abdominal workout.  :)

He backpedaled on that all day over texts.  Was fkn hilarious.  It's a good thing I was having a good hair day, or I might have been offended. 

That was the highlight of my day, and it went to shit afterwards.  I had a great workout, felt great, and then ended up with a post-workout migraine.  Like I used to get.  I'm hoping it's an anomaly. 

I also got a call from Totoro's friend saying she voluntarily went back to the hospital for more tests.  I tried calling both her cell phone and her aide's (who drove her) multiple times but was unable to reach either one.  Sigh.  I'm worried.

At 7 pm, I took meds, turned my phone on Do Not Disturb, and crawled into bed, with Kitten joining soon after.

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