Saturday, January 23, 2016

crested chicken hair

That almost sounded delicious, didn't it?  Did you think I suddenly became a five star chef and was posting recipes?  Chicken with angel hair pasta, crusted with pecans or some such?

Nope, that's merely what my hair looked like after washing it and gelling it, in 100% humidity.  I didn't get hit by snow from this winter storm, but I did get LOTS of rain.  And wind.  And humidity.  And hair.

I final-fkn-ly made it to workout.  It's been weeks since I've had a good workout.  Since before I didn't become a billionaire.  This session was a bit short because I ran late, but it was still awesome.  It was pouring when I got there.  Of course, I forgot an umbrella because why would I think of one when it's been raining for days?  I debated running through the rain or being dignified and walking.  My hair could only improve at that point, so I walked.  Also, I was wearing flip-flops (we always leave our shoes outside of the dojo) and those suck to run in. 

Sensei liked my crested chicken hair.  Go figure.

Five minutes later, one of my classmates came in dripping water and bleeding after having slipped when he ran in.  I was very glad that wasn't me.  We aren't supposed to acknowledge pain.  I'm still working on that aspect of my training.  He was very stoic.  And very wet.

A woman who hadn't been there in a few years came back and seemed in much better spirits than the last time I had seen her.  After class, she asked me if previous macho dude was single.  I think he is, but I'm pretty sure she isn't his type, although they did geek out together about old Twilight Zone episodes.  What to do?  Text him and let him know her interest?  Stay out of it and let adults be adults?  She also asked about another student, if he was gay or not.  He's not.  (I found out when another woman asked him and he got super offended.  Whoops.)  She's apparently on the prowl.  And not shy about it.

I think I'm about to break my 7 day migraine-free streak.  I could feel the edges of it sneaking insidiously into my brain at about 4 or 5 am.  I  ignored it, of course, because I'm at Expert Level for ignoring migraine pain.  It's been a few hours and not abating, even after Wendycoffee.  I may have to acknowledge it soon.  Maybe later.

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