Friday, August 28, 2015

mission creep

Do you ever start doing something simple and then see just one other thing you should take care of now?  And then it snowballs into 5,386 things, and you never even finish the first thing?  Yeah, me too.

I was doing some laundry, and somehow made the mistake of looking behind the dryer.  Sigh.  One hour later, everything is sparkling clean.  WHERE NO ONE EVER LOOKS.  And I still have clean clothes to put away.

I've been cleaning my house (in case Erika doesn't blow or wash it away) before I'm incapacitated with eye surgery recuperation.  My first ophthalmologist told me three weeks of recuperation with no exercise.  I'm guessing housecleaning falls in there somewhere.  The second doc was much more lax about my recovery, but I figured I should plan for the longer scenario.  No fkn idea how I'll clean my pool.  Maybe dear old dad will volunteer.

Plus, I have a friend coming over to help me through this, and I can't be seen as a slob.  :)   And there's only so much I can blame on the cat.  To be fair, she sheds about as much as I do.  Maybe more.  But the 20-inch hairs probably aren't credible as feline.  We're both hair manufactories.  :\

Also, apparently I'm not the only one losing my shit about these storms.  The grocery store shelves are picked clean.  No bottled water left, except the fancy sparkling kind.  I decided my need wasn't that urgent.  I'm not a fan of sparkling water, especially to brush my teeth with.  I think I'll just fill up some canteens and pitchers with my new shiny water filtered water if TS Erika swings back this way again.

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