Friday, August 28, 2015

Hurricane Fatigue Syndrome

I already have it, and we haven't been hit.  Yet.

I was reading back to my older posts from the 2004 Hurricane Season, which was brutal for Florida (4 direct hits), and stressful for me.  And then there was the 2005 Hurricane Season, which also was taxing.  Katrina hit us before wiping out New Orleans.  And Wilma knocked down my glorious mango tree, which was righted again with LOTS of help from friends.

This year, Hurricane Danny started getting me tense because it was aimed this way, until it just dissipated.  POOF!   Now, Tropical Storm Erika keeps changing forecasts drastically.  Supposed to be a hurricane, then a major one, then back to a tropical storm.  Direct hit, sideswipe, sideswipe from the other side (one side is worse than the other), back to direct hit again.  And it's still days away, so every 3 hours the forecast can and does change.  Why do I insist on monitoring it?  Because I'm a dumbass.  Duh.  :) 

Also, don't make the n00b mistake of thinking the storm is just a thin line.  It's a wide swath of hours long destruction.  Wilma took out well over half the state.

Hurricane Wilma 2005

And yet, today is a lovely day.  I got up early to clean the pool and enjoy some fresh air and morning sunshine.  Without modern technology, I'd never know what monsters are out there trying to kill me.  Until, of course, the migraines hit.  That's my evolutionary contribution to humankind.  You're welcome.

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