Thursday, August 20, 2015

Want a sammich?

It's delicious.  And nutritious.

Am I the only one who adds sliced almonds to everything?  Like my grilled cheese sammich?  Or a pizza?  Or my steel-cut oatmeal?  Because I like the extra crunch, and they are full of blah blah blah good for you.

In other news, I had a hilarious encounter at the pool store.  When I first walked in, the employee came up to earnestly greet me.  I thought maybe I was the one millionth customer and won a lifetime supply of pool-boys.  No such luck. 

He wanted to inform me that their credit card system was down, so he would have to manually process it with the old sliding machine.  Who knew stores still have those tucked away in the back?  I wonder how long it took them to find it.  He looked at me expectantly like I might decline and come back later.  Why would I care?  And how come cash was never mentioned?  My bill was $11.  Fkn kids today.

P.S.  He was very polite and carried my purchases out to my car for me. 

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