Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Perseids are coming, the Perseids are coming!!

The Perseid Meteor shower is supposed to be exceptionally good this year, with the best visibility tomorrow night.  Here you can find out good times for your area.  Maybe my insomnia will finally work for me.

I haven't slept much the past few days and had a perfectly miserable, pharmaceutically-aided weekend, with anxiety attacks galore.  The universe conspired against me and threw all kinds of bullshit and hormones my way.  Maybe it was the meteors sending out secret alien anxieties, because more than a few of my friends also had bad panic attacks lately.  Or maybe I just have an intrepid yet calming nature, where people admit their anxieties to me because they know I can relate and definitely won't judge.  Could go either way.  We'd better get our tinfoil hats ready just in case.

Anyway, viewing the majesty of the Cosmos usually helps to put into perspective how irrelevant my entire life is, most especially one bad week of (t)issues and crying.

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