Monday, July 20, 2015

Squishy kitchen tiles

With the assistance of a friend, I figured out the source of the wet, squishy kitchen tiles.  Thankfully, I did not have to start jackhammering up tiles like my dad assumed, although in his defense, he never actually looked at the problem.  (Thanks for the anxiety attack, Pops!)  I had my kitchen sink water turned off all weekend, which is exactly as much fun as it sounds like.  But, the tiles seem to have dried out.  Sweet!

I have a call in to a plumber now and am waiting for a price estimate once he gets to the plumbing supply store.  Because I've used this plumber before, I'm hoping I don't need to go into a convoluted story about how I don't live alone.  The creepy fkn exterminators freaked me the fuck out after they were here.  This whole being single thing sucks at times like that.

I went out to eat more often than usual this weekend (hi2u sushi!) to avoid the lack of a kitchen sink, and tried Pacific Stone Crab for the first time because Florida Stone Crab is out of season.  It was fantastic (although maybe it was more the ambiance and the company which made it so good).  I definitely love Florida Stone Crab more.

And then the migraine came, which ended my 10 day migraine-free streak.  And I immediately questioned any and all recent food choices (new type of stone crab?), activity choices (too much eating out?), etc.  I've been getting pretty spoiled with my migraines getting less and less frequent.  I couldn't even have dreamed of a migraine-free week two years ago.  When one does finally hit now, it seems to hurt more because I wasn't expecting it.  Thankfully, this episode didn't fuck up any plans too badly.  I feel so guilty when I have to ask people to adjust their plans for me, or worse, cancel them.  Mostly, I just put on a fake smile, and grin and bear it.  I'm sure every person who deals with chronic pain knows this feeling.

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