Thursday, August 27, 2015

Come sit at my table

Actually, it's way too little to sit at, as it's an end table.  From the 60s, I think.  It's pretty neat looking.  You can put your drink on it.  With a coaster under it, obviously!   Don't ruin my new (old) table, mofo.

I met my dad for lunch earlier this week (we get along great now), and he gave me my mom's old table because his current wife didn't like it anymore.  Good for me!  I have no idea where to put it.  I don't really need any furniture.  But it was too beautiful, and I'm too sentimental to let him get rid of it.

My brother (Potato's owner) reminded me that we played under it, using it as a structure for our toy animals.  He and I used to build elaborate worlds, using whatever we had handy, including our multitudinous sets of Lego, empty cereal boxes, furniture, etc.  This table was out in the living room (between the two chairs with plastic on them, sigh), so we weren't able to use it as a permanent structure, or we faced the wrath of the parentals for making a mess.  That was something we avoided at ALL costs as both could be extremely volatile.  La la la la, not listening to those memories.  Only the happy ones of playing with my brother.  :)

I may put it in the library with my other triangular table.  But, they're not the same style, so that probably won't work.  I think I'll wait until a friend comes over this weekend and get a second opinion.

with Kitten, for scale

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