Saturday, August 22, 2015

I battled one of my demons all night and lived to tell the tale

To be honest, though, the tale isn't that interesting.  ;) 

I had my sword and my shield in hand, otherwise known as my willpower, giant ice-pack, and a double dose of triptans.  Fuck you, migraine.  Bring it, mofo! 

Actually, please don't.  That sucked a lot.  I put my phone on Do Not Disturb, wrapped my head in numbing goodness, and listened to podcasts and audio-books all night.  Kitten came up later on and wanted snuggles, which isn't typical for her.  Not sure if she knew I was barely hanging on or if she was battling her own demons.  In either case, she was a not unpleasant distraction.  Haha, don't you hate when writers use double negatives like that?  Me, too.  But it kind of works here. 

I didn't completely vanquish the migraine, just knocked it down from an 8 (out of 10, with 10 being please let me slide my head behind your car tire while you run over it) to a lovely, lovely 3. 

I'm watching qualifying of the Belgian Formula One Grand Prix now.  At very low volume naturally.  I can't help remembering when I was there four years ago.  I had a special garage tour of Mercedes, where they brought me up close to their cars, introduced me to the mechanics, let me eavesdrop on the engineers talking to the drivers on track, and fed me a fancy lunch (menu pictured below). 

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