Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Came across one of my favorite poems

Touch me ...
In secret places no one has reached before,
In silent places where words only interfere,
In sad places where only whispering makes sense.

Touch me ...
In the morning when night still clings,
At midday when confusion crowds upon me,
At twilight as I begin to know who I am,
In the evening when I see you and hear you, best of all.

Touch me ...
Like a child who will never have enough love,
For I am a girl who wants to be lost in your arms,
A woman who has known enough pain to love.

Touch me ...
In crowds when a single look says everything,
In solitude when it's too dark to even look,
In absence when I reach for you through time and miles.

Touch me ...
In winter when darkness comes early and the softness of fur surrounds my face,
In summer when the sun makes me languid and water laps at my feet,
In spring when lovers come alive,
In fall when the woods call to wanderers and dry leaves make the softest pillows.

Touch me ...
When I ask,
When I'm afraid to ask.

Touch me ...
With your lips
Your hands
Your words
Your presence in the room.

Touch me ...
Gently for I am fragile,
Firmly for I am strong,
Often for I am alone.

Touch me ...
With your thoughts that only your smile reveals,
With your heart, your soul, your mind,
Let me know that I am here,
For I was made to be touched by you.

Touch me.

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