Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Happy anniversary, Kitten!

A tiny, pitiful, hyena-looking, mewing kitty showed up on my doorstep 9 years ago today.  Of course I shared my sardines with her, and we've been BFFs since.  Pardon the picture quality.  This was before good cameras were so ubiquitous.

For those of you following my squishy tile saga, the plumbers fixed everything yesterday, and my kitchen sink works again.  Yippee!  And the best part is that they weren't creepy fkrs.  They were efficient and friendly (without being sleazy).  Maybe the lesbian shorts helped.

I was texting with my plumber for the past few days, making arrangements for the work to be done, the timing, etc.  It was a test to my patience, because he was not the most responsive texter, sometimes taking hours to answer.  I had to keep reminding myself that he was probably elbows deep in muck and couldn't get to his phone.  This morning, I texted a thank you and an attaboy about his workers.  Mofo replied in 20 seconds.  Subjects matter.  :)

Speaking of plumbers and phones, the ones who fixed my sink were of the younger generation and did not use flashlights.  They used only their smartphones to light their work area.   I wonder if flashlight manufacturers are noticing a decline in sales.

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