Thursday, March 6, 2003

Thursday, March 6, 2003

Happy Birthday today to 2 of my friends!   You know who you are, Maximus.  ;)  From what I can tell, they were both born on a Friday, as was I.  Coincidence?  I think not!  /cue the theme for the Twilight Zone

Does anyone remember that poem?  Weird how I have surrounded myself with Friday's children.  Loving & giving?  Me?  Yeah, I suppose I am, but those wouldn't be the first 2 words I would pick to describe myself.   I am happy to surround myself with loving, giving folk though.  Yes, my Galahad is a Friday's Child, as well as several other close friends of mine but none of my immediate family.  Maybe I felt that lack and unconsciously picked people who would fill that dearth.

I've just researched this on Google cuz it was bothering me.  [Can you tell I'm bored on a conference call?]  There's a second part maybe of Friday. 
Friday's Child is Loving and Giving, Sharing With Friends Their Passion for Living
I wonder who wrote the original poem?  Mother Goose probably.  Who the fuck would call themselves Mother Goose?  Doesn't that sound like a codename for a spy?  Anyway, I can get behind passionate.   :)    Dunno if someone added that as a ghost writer -- marketing scum bastardizing Mother Goose. 

FAQ Coffee and Caffeine

/wave Randy.  I hope your day goes well.  :)

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