Sunday, March 2, 2003

Sunday, March 2, 2003

Do you ever write in your head while you think?  I do it all the time.  Sometimes, I try to write what I would say here but inevitably I forget by the time I write this.  Or I write letters to people in my head sharing with them my thoughts at the moment.  Am I crazy?  ;)  Hehe, don't answer that if it's affirmative.  I'm not geeky enough (yet) to walk around with a pad of paper or a PDA and capture that.  Maybe one day.  Until then, I will have to exercise my memory and attempt to recall it.  Sometimes I just write it out mentally to force a memory in my head. 

Today's movie was Minority Report, btw.  After watching that, I felt the urge to go do something.  Plus, I couldn't sit there and watch while Galahad was looking at the Special Features disc.  Ugghh!
Yesterday's yard work had produced a 3 foot high pile of palm fronds that had to be moved from the back to the front for bulk pickup.  For some reason, I really enjoy doing that at times.  It's mindless physical activity that just feels good.  It's when I do some of my best thinking and meditating.  I love to watch nature around me, and it was a beautiful breezy day (albeit somewhat warm).  The birds were soaring, the dragonflies strafing, and the lizards challenging each other to duels. 

After his disc ended, Galahad came out to help.  Yes, I was still dragging palm fronds to the front.  We have a plethora of palm trees in the back, and it has been too long since they were culled.  Of course, me being me, I showed him a few that he missed.  :)  We stayed out some more and just quietly worked side by side --- him cutting and me ferrying fronds.  He came upon a tree frog in one he had cut, so we put the frond back on the tree until he finds a new home. 

I finally got so exhausted that I couldn't even watch him work anymore and begged him to stop.  I collapsed on a chaise longue and quietly watched dusk fall in my little slice of seclusion.

P.S.   The Valentine roses are finally dead.  :(

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