Friday, March 28, 2003

Friday, March 28, 2003

The mourning doves are back.   Galahad and I had carefully moved their nest the other day into an empty orchid basket nearby and lined it with soft palm tree husk.  They rebuilt it yesterday and now look very cozy on my cushions again.  :(

I went to the dentist this morning to get an old filling replaced.  I love my dentist, but I hate the sounds & sensations of this whole process.  Good god am I squeamish!  He was so sweet to me.  He numbed up my jaw with banana flavored something before injecting other numbing stuff into my jaw 75 times until I had no feeling left on the side of my face.  I still made him test it before he turned the drill on.  While we were waiting for the numbing stuff (I'm gonna assume it was Novocain but not really sure) to work, he sat and talked to me about life & philosophy & stuff.  Most dentists leave you alone to drool quietly while they do other stuff.  But he is so awesome to talk to.  Btw, he told me that studies are now showing that we shouldn't re-use plastic water bottles.  Wtf?  He said your own mouth bacteria apparently chemically reacts with the plastic of the bottle and is now harmful.   He gave me an education on how exactly fillings work and about the whole mercury controversy.

Omg, I got so tense when he started drilling.  He kept patting my arm and asking if I was okay.  I did all my deep breathing exercises and counting backwards exercises to relax.  I was also laughing at myself for being such a sissy, so I had a silly grin somewhere mixed in amongst all the instruments in my mouth.  And then, my tongue was doing constant battle with the suction thingie.  Hehe, it was annoying me, so my tongue kept pushing it all around trying to find a comfortable spot for it.  I tried to concentrate on that and not on the thought that suddenly he would hit a nerve with the drill.  Unfortunately at these times, I can still multi-task like a motherfucker.  I felt just a sliver of pain and freaked (well the open-mouthed with 30 things inside kind of yell).  So, he shot me up with more Novocain, and we chatted some more.  ;)

He reassured me that is was okay to be so sensitive cuz it makes me a sweet person.  Awwwwwww.  Isn't he a great guy?

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