Friday, March 14, 2003

Friday, March 14, 2003

Sushi & then chocolate covered strawberries for dessert last night.  Mmmmmm.  I felt a little bit bad since I bought the strawberries and forgot Galahad doesn't particularly like white chocolate.  He managed to eat a couple anyway.  ;)  You'd think that after all these years together I would remember that, but it just seems incomprehensible to me.  :)

I had to go to the dentist this morning for my semi-annual cleaning.  My teeth feel so good now, all smooth & clean & slippery.  I'm not so fond of the cleaning part cuz I'm sensitive like that.  Hehe, they always remember now that I am a "sensitive" patient.  Who knew that would carry over into my mouth?   And why would I expect any differently? 

I got into a bit of a fight with my sweet, gentle hygienist.  She wanted to take full x-rays of my mouth, but I always refuse cuz of the radiation.  (I'm sure she thinks I sit at home in my aluminum hat.)  My research and intuition tell me that excessive x-rays as a child severely aggravated my skin cancer predisposition.  Anyway, we agreed to compromise and only x-ray two spots she was suspicious of.  Hehe, I bet she doesn't get this much resistance from all of her other patients combined.  It's an old people practice, and old people typically have the outlook that all medical personnel are to be followed unquestioningly.  That used to piss me off so much as a child watching my parents fall for bad medical advice, especially when it concerned me.  My nature is to research everything excessively and ask questions unfailingly.  That generation's nature is to blindly follow authority it seems. 

She gave me a fluoride treatment at the end.  Laugh, I always feel like I have gorilla lips when I get those.  Dunno if you've ever had one.  They fill polystyrene molds full of gooey fluoride and pop it in your mouth.  I think it's one size fits all, so it doesn't fit very well in mine.  And then, I got to see my dentist.

/sound of trumpets

He is the best dentist ever!!!!  I switched once because he is far away, always busy, and has an old-fashioned practice.  Boy did I regret that.  I went to some woman who had all new-fangled stuff, and she was terrible.  My mouth hurt for so long after I had been to her.  I called him up, embarrassed, and apologized for cheating on him and begged him to fix my mouth, which he did graciously.  :)  He is so kind & gentle & caring & wonderful & amazing.  I always wanted to marry him, waaaay before I ever met my Galahad and before I knew he was married.  Hehe.  He is simply one of the kindest and most compassionate people I know. 

So now, I try to relax on the long drive to see him, jam out to my fave dance tunes, and dance my way there.   :)  I was having a beautiful ride home, feeling my teeth all smooth & yummy, thinking I didn't want to eat for a long time so I could enjoy that clean feeling.  And, wouldn't you know it?  I got about 2 blocks from his office before I tore into the pack of stale airplane peanuts sitting at the bottom of my purse for just such emergencies.  Me & my hunger issues.  laugh.


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