Friday, March 21, 2003

Friday, March 21, 2003

Happy First Day of Spring!   Although it's hot enough here to be summer.

Galahad and I spent most of the day together.  I had taken the day off from work (good thing as I woke up with a migraine.  Ugh!).  He came home early and bought me new white Peeps!  Hehe, I can't eat any yet until I kick the migraine, but they sure are fun and a reminder from a happy part of my childhood.  He's so sweet to have remembered.  We curled up in the living room and watched Pocahontas until my meds overwhelmed the migraine.  Then, we got dressed & went out to start Happy Hour & dinner at a new (to us) place in downtown Ft Lauderdale, the River House.  Happy hour consists of complimentary sushi with 2 for 1 drinks.  We sat out on a bench by the river --- me eating my sushi and him sipping on rum & coke.  My brother was supposed to join us but never showed.  :(

Then we moved upstairs for dinner.  They went out of their way to seat us at a "good" table by the window that overlooked the river.  Hehe, I was mostly full by then, so I ordered just an appetizer while Galahad ordered a dinner.  I rarely eat bread, but omg, it was so good.  They had two kinds of nutty olive bread with hummus and butter on the side.  Mmmmmm.  I ordered the Brie salad, and good god it was yummy.  Galahad ordered some fish (who cares what kind cuz it was cooked), and then he got the Tiramisu with guava for dessert. Wow!  I wasn't even gonna have any cuz I was stuffed.  I dipped my little finger in the guava sauce and my mouth exploded in scrumptiousness. 

Midway through dinner, I had to take another Imitrex.  :(   But at least I was feeling good on the drive home.

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