Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Okay it's done.

I'm a redhead (partially) again.  Whew!  I missed it a lot.  :)   I'm still not sure that the shade is right, but Galahad said he likes it. 

After getting it done, I met up with my family to watch my nephew test for his high-red karate belt.  [Big Congrats to him!!!]  And, of course no one noticed/mentioned anything about my hair.  [Don't forget that our family motto is "It's All About Me."]   I take that as a good sign, I think.  At least it doesn't look too freakish.  One of the karate instructors did go out of his way to help me locate my family when I arrived.  Do you suppose he thought I might not recognize them out of 50-60 people?  ;) 

Now that you are curious to know what I did to it.

I kept the base of 100 colors plus my natural dark brown roots and added lots of bright auburn streaks (plus a few blond highlights to blend) throughout it.  My hairdresser seemed to have fun with it and picked the colors herself.  I guess she gets bored of the same haircuts, styles, & colors all the time. 

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