Thursday, January 9, 2003

Thursday, January 9, 2003

Yay!  I was able to borrow a coat yesterday from my brother's GF.  Thanks so much, Alex!  :)

And, surprise surprise, she gave me a birthday present, too!  Yay!  Before you flood me with email wishing me well on my birthday, I must confess that I am not within any loose boundary of it being my birthday.  But I still love getting birthday presents, especially when the person took the time to think of me.  :)

Actually, I hate getting presents most times because people put little thought into them, and I have so much stuff already that there isn't anything I need or desire.  The best presents for me btw are consumable items like food, candles (and not the cheap ones either -- I hate those), and books (if you know my tastes).  I hate getting clothes (they don't fit), perfume (I won't wear it), jewelry (I won't wear it), etc.

Anyway, back to my fabulous & well thought out present.

She got me a book (kinda self-helpish which I don't usually like) entitled The Highly Sensitive Person.  The title just blew me away.  Here I was on the cover.  I'm kind of curious as to when she thought of this for me --- if it was one key incident that precipitated the purchase.  She said she read it and it fit me, so I am embarking on a journey to see if I will find answers to some of my lifetime questions.

What questions you might ask? 

How do I tell a friend I would rather be alone than in their company without upsetting them?  How do I not invite people to my house without them feeling unwanted and have them understand it's my Hall of Solitude that I need?  How do I explain to people that I cry often, but it doesn't necessarily mean that they did something horrible to me?  How do I explain to people that when I hear of someone else's pain, I feel that pain, too?  How can I tell someone that I relish tiny things and get great happiness out of some everyday occurrences without sounding like a lunatic?  How do I even start to explain how many things are running in my mind, letting my brain sift through them all concurrently?

Usually, I just go with the short school bus explanation and realize people just won't understand that I am wired differently.

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